Unveiling the Power of Apostleship: A Spiritual Gift in Christian Faith

In the tapestry of Christian faith, one gift stands as foundational and powerful – Apostleship. This divine endowment was bestowed upon the original twelve apostles and the Apostle Paul, each carrying its weight with unwavering conviction. Apostles often emerge as missionaries, pioneers in church establishment, and erudite leaders in the Christian realm. Their unshakeable faith opens the door for divine intervention and miraculous healing as ordained by the Almighty.

Let’s delve into this extraordinary gift and explore its various facets.

1. Evangelism

Evangelism is a potent avenue through which apostles ardently convey the message of Christ. This gift can encompass international missions or the earnest dissemination of Christ’s gospel within one’s local church community. Not all apostles possess the Spiritual Gift of Evangelism, but it aligns closely with church-planting apostles.

The early church leaders who bore this gift before Pentecost had already been deploying it in their ministry endeavors before receiving the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.

2. Shepherding

Shepherding empowers individuals to nurture and guide others along their spiritual journeys. It intertwines closely with teaching, exhortation, and discernment gifts. Shepherds aid believers in their pursuit of understanding, maturity, and the cultivation of Christ-like virtues.

3. Teaching

Individuals endowed with the gift of teaching exhibit a profound capacity to apply the Scriptures to every facet of earthly existence. They serve as catalysts for growth, transformation, and the propagation of the gospel.

4. Exhortation

Exhorters specialize in rallying believers, strengthening their resolve, and urging them to persevere. This gift equips them to counteract the influence of sinful desires, demons, and the stratagems of Satan.

5. Word of Knowledge

The Word of Knowledge denotes divine insights concerning past, present, or future events in the celestial or terrestrial realm. It empowers believers to comprehend how God’s Word applies to every facet of life, aiding in the identification of deceptive teachings.

6. Discipleship

Certain believers receive an anointing from the Holy Spirit, enabling them to disciple others effectively. They often possess an in-depth understanding of Scripture and adapt their lifestyles to align with this message.

7. Discernment

Discernment encompasses the ability to differentiate between good and evil, truth and falsehood. It relies on a profound familiarity with Scripture, allowing individuals endowed with discernment to swiftly identify counterfeit doctrines.

8. Leadership

Leadership represents the spiritual gift of overseeing or organizing ministry activities. Individuals graced with this gift are predisposed toward leadership roles within the church, whether in pastoral, deacon, trustee, chairperson, small group leader, office manager, or any other capacity requiring leadership acumen.

9. Service

Apostleship gifts enable Christians to engage in discreet acts of service while ensuring that groups remain aligned with the teachings of Scripture. This gift can find application within local communities or churches, bringing individuals closer to the message of Jesus.


Apostleship, as a spiritual gift, plays a pivotal role in the Christian faith. It empowers individuals to evangelize, shepherd, teach, exhort, possess knowledge, disciple, discern, lead, and serve, all while staying firmly grounded in the teachings of Scripture. While the apostolic office may no longer exist, the gifts of apostleship continue to shape and nurture the Christian community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of evangelism in apostleship?

  • Evangelism is a crucial aspect of apostleship, as it involves ardently conveying the message of Christ, whether through international missions or within local church communities.

2. Can anyone possess the gift of apostleship?

  • Apostleship is a unique spiritual gift, and not everyone possesses it. It is a divine endowment bestowed upon specific individuals.

3. How does discernment help in apostleship?

  • Discernment enables apostles to differentiate between good and evil, ensuring that the teachings they propagate are aligned with the truth of Scripture.

4. Are there apostles in contemporary society?

  • The apostolic office as it existed in the New Testament is no longer applicable in contemporary society. However, the gifts associated with apostleship still exist.

5. How can apostleship gifts be applied in everyday life?

  • Apostleship gifts can be applied by nurturing and guiding others spiritually, teaching, and serving discreetly in alignment with the teachings of Scripture.

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