Understand What and How of Earth Chakras

Generally speaking, the Earth Chakras are divided into three major categories: Crown, Sacral and Root. Each of these chakras is considered a focal point for energy and has its own unique characteristics. These chakras are all linked to the earth in some way, and each of them helps us to function better in our day-to-day life.

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Mooladhara, earth chakras, are one of the seven primary chakras in Hindu tantrism. This chakra is located around the tailbone, pelvic floor and coccyx. It is associated with a feeling of home and security. It governs the connection with the Earth. It also governs kidney and adrenal functions. This chakra metabolises different types of energy, influencing growth and development.

Muladhara, earth chakras, is also associated with a sense of security and family. In addition, it relates to the process of elimination. When this chakra is unbalanced, it can obstruct other chakras, causing mental and physical health problems.

Muladhara, earth chakras, are associated with Bhur-loka, earthly physical plane. It also relates to the coccyx, pelvic floor, and lower back. It is also associated with the seven trunks of an elephant. These trunks symbolize the seven elements of nature, seven elements of the body, and seven levels of consciousness. The symbol for Muladhara chakra is an elephant with seven trunks and a yellow dhoti. This chakra is associated with the “Third-Eyed One,” Lord Shiva. He is also known as the Master of the Animals. He is a faithful attendant of the Goddess Kali.

The Muladhara, earth chakras, symbol represents the upward movement of the body and the energy of the body. The petals of the Mula Kamala Lotus flower represent four stages of development and four psychic functions. It also represents the four compass points.

In Indian mythology, the white elephant Airavata represents the seven elements. It is also associated with Brahma, the creator. It is also associated with Indra, the four-armed god, who is mounted on the elephant. He is known to wear a yellow dhoti, blue lotus flower, and vajra. He is also considered to be the son of Earth.

When the energy of this chakra is balanced, it makes the person feel grounded and secure. Those who have this chakra open experience increased confidence, a sense of security, and physical health. However, when this chakra is unbalanced, the person may feel anxiety or depression. This chakra can also cause physical problems such as eating disorders.


During a meditation session, you may be able to tune into the energy vibrations of Earth’s chakras. This can be useful if you feel drawn to a certain location. It can also be a helpful tool to heal the earth.

In addition to the seven main chakras of the human body, Mother Earth has over a hundred more. Each one has a specific color associated with it. For example, the Svadhishthana chakra is centered on sexuality and personal identity. It is also connected to the throat chakra, which is a manifestation of the voice of the earth.

Some of the major chakra points on Earth are Mount Shasta, Kata Tjuta, and Uluru. All of these are considered sacred sites. They can also be considered vortexes, which are places where energy is highly concentrated. Visiting these sites can bring about healing.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is also known as the Muladhara. It is responsible for distributing apana prana, or energy, to the pelvic area of the body. This allows Aquarians to maintain a strong sense of groundedness and self-support.

The heart chakra is the fourth of the seven major chakras in the human body. It connects the lower chakras and acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world. It is also connected to the third eye chakra. This chakra is associated with love, self-confidence, and gut feeling.

The Svadhishthana chakra is related to sexuality, personal identity, and seductive forces of the physical world. It is located just below the navel. It is also related to the throat chakra, which enables us to communicate our emotions and desires.

If you feel drawn to a particular sacred site, you may be able to heal the Earth. You can also reach out to high-energy vortexes in order to receive healing. It is also helpful to carry an energy regulation stone with you when you visit these locations.

You can balance your sacral chakra by taking warm baths and eating foods rich in healthy fats. Practicing yoga postures targeting the sacral area can also help.


Located at the base of the spine, the Root chakra is one of the seven energy centers of the body. It’s a small chakra that has many functions. It represents the earth element and is the most instinctual chakra.

The Root Chakra’s function is to maintain the balance of the body’s energy. It’s important to keep this chakra balanced in order to feel grounded and stable. When it gets out of whack, it can cause anxiety, fear and nightmares. You might experience physical imbalances such as leg problems, bladder problems and even prostate issues.

The Root Chakra is a wheel shaped energy center in the human body. This chakra is believed to correspond to various places on the earth. It’s also believed that the chakras influence our perception of reality.

The Root Chakra is also known as the Muladhara. It is located at the base of the spine and is the Sanskrit name for the root. It’s also known as the chakra that gets things started. It is the energy center that forms deep connections between the physical body and the environment. It is also associated with the sense of home, security and support.

The Root Chakra also plays a vital role in restoring the balance of other chakras. When it is balanced, it will lead to a more stable energy flow throughout the body. It can also enhance self-confidence and provide a sense of security. It’s also believed that a Root Chakra imbalance can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

The Root Chakra is the first of the seven energy centers in the body. This chakra plays many roles, including survival and the ability to create new relationships. Its function is to connect you to the earth and other people.

To balance your Root Chakra, you’ll need to take time for yourself. It’s also a good idea to get out into the elements. It’s said that if you walk in dirt, you’ll feel grounded and energized. You can also meditate or even use crystals to support your chakras.


Whether you are a spiritual seeker or someone interested in yoga, you might wonder if there are energy centers on Earth. Although they aren’t visible, many cultures have a deep respect for the chakras that exist on the surface of the Earth.

The crown chakra is located on the top of the head and represents the connection between the physical self and the spiritual self. It also serves as the gateway to the higher self. When it is balanced, the crown chakra gives the person a clear, open mind. It also helps the person understand and analyze information.

There are 100 chakras in the human body. They correspond to specific nerve bundles in the body. Each of these chakras is unique, and each of these chakras is associated with a specific color. When the chakra is out of balance, it may manifest in physical ailments such as headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, or even amnesia.

The seven major chakra points on Earth are known as the seven spots. These spots are believed to hold high energy. They are also said to have deep healing powers. These spots are also considered sacred by many cultures.

Mount Kailash, also known as the “roof of the world,” is located in the Himalayas and has a deep meaning for Tibetans. It is also believed to be the birthplace of the Creator. It is a sacred location for four different religions.

It is also believed to deliver the frequency of oneness. It is an important energy center for Mother Earth. Its location is also said to be the only one on Earth not connected to the Great Dragon Ley Line. It is also said to be a very important energy center for this time in history.

There are many locations throughout the world that are believed to hold high energy. Some of these locations include mountain tops, deep in the sea, and even valleys. These locations have a unique pull, and people are drawn to them at different times of the year. These places have a powerful pull that can make you homesick.


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