The Spiritual Gifts of Autism: A Profound Connection with the Divine


Autism has long captured worldwide attention due to an astonishing increase in diagnoses. Yet, one of the less explored aspects of autism is the spiritual gifts that many on the spectrum possess. This article delves into the extraordinary spiritual experiences, intuitive abilities, and heightened senses of empathy that autistic individuals report. From communicating with angels to forming bonds with animals, we explore how these gifts not only enrich their lives but also the lives of those around them.


Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes Empathy is more than just feeling sorry for someone; it’s about understanding and sharing someone’s emotions. Dr Barry Glickman, an autism expert, emphasizes that autistic individuals can achieve greater emotional stability through spiritual practices like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and art therapy. These activities don’t just build emotional resilience but also help hone the natural empathetic abilities that many autistic people possess.

The Role of Spiritual

Protectors According to William Stillman, another expert in the field, autistic people often have what he terms “spiritual protectors,” usually deceased relatives or spiritual beings. These protectors provide a shield of sorts, guiding and safeguarding the individual through life’s challenges. In many instances, autistic people report these protectors use them as vehicles to manifest in our worldly reality.

Deep Connections with the Divine

Autism’s spiritual gifts don’t just stop at empathy or spiritual protectors. Autistic individuals often report deep, meaningful connections with God. Some even claim to have visited heaven and to have shared divine messages with people on Earth. While such experiences may be hard to explain, they certainly add a profound layer to the spiritual landscape of autistic lives.

Intuition: The ‘Gut Feeling’

Intuition is another gift that many autistic people possess. This ‘gut feeling’ helps them make life-altering decisions, avoiding potential pitfalls or embracing opportunities for growth. However, it’s essential to use intuition wisely and not trust it blindly.

Creativity as a Spiritual Gift

Creativity is not just about arts and crafts but also about solving problems in unique ways. Many autistic individuals excel in fields requiring imagination, like storytelling, music composition, and even scientific innovation. This creativity is often a source of emotional resilience and a window to profound spiritual truths.

Awareness: Perceiving the Unseen

Awareness is another remarkable spiritual gift of autism. This heightened perception allows autistic individuals to notice things that many others might overlook. This acute awareness can be honed further through spiritual practices like meditation and mindfulness, helping autistic individuals connect with their inner selves and the world around them more deeply.

Building Community Through Spirituality

Groups like Merging Hearts Holistic Center provide a platform for autistic individuals to share and grow their spiritual gifts. College student Andy Willmore, who is on the autism spectrum, shared his experiences with the Enlightened Beings group, talking about his spiritual journey through music and nature. Such communities offer not just individual growth but a shared, communal experience that can be profoundly empowering.

The Intersection of Autism

Traits and Spirituality Research indicates a complex relationship between autism traits and spirituality. For instance, one study showed that while some traits were negatively correlated with spirituality, others had a positive correlation, varying across genders and other demographic factors. These nuances highlight the need for a more in-depth exploration of this fascinating intersection.

The Social Perspective: Myths and Misunderstandings

Unfortunately, the broader society often misunderstands autism, sometimes viewing autistic individuals as either superhuman or less than human. Such perspectives are not only harmful but also rob society of the opportunity to understand and appreciate the rich spiritual lives that many autistic people lead.


Spirituality and autism are two domains that have not been fully integrated into our understanding, but the spiritual gifts that many autistic people possess suggest a profound connection that needs to be explored further. Whether it’s through empathy, intuition, or creativity, the spiritual experiences of those with autism offer a unique lens through which we can view the divine, enriching not just their lives but also the spiritual fabric of our collective existence.

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