The Intercessor Spiritual Gift: The Unseen Power of Prayer and Compassion


In a world that seems increasingly chaotic and divided, the significance of spiritual gifts has never been more essential. Among these spiritual gifts, the gift of intercession holds a special place, often overlooked but profoundly influential. It enables individuals to serve as a conduit for divine compassion and wisdom. In this article, we’ll explore what the intercessor’s spiritual gift is, how it manifests in daily life, and how one can nurture this unique ability.

What is the Intercessor Spiritual Gift?

Defining Intercession Intercession is essentially the act of intervening on behalf of someone else through prayer. The intercessor spiritual gift allows you to channel the will of God, praying His perfect will into existence. This form of prayer isn’t simply wishing for something to happen; it is a focused, sustained effort that aims to bring about spiritual and sometimes even physical change.

Rarity and Importance Sadly, this invaluable gift is not very common. Yet, its scarcity only underscores its importance. People with this ability can bring about significant change, not just in their lives but also in the lives of others. They can even potentially divert spiritual or physical disasters through their devoted prayer life.

Characteristics of an Intercessor

Persistence and Focus Intercessors possess an extraordinary capacity for focused prayer. Unlike many who may find extended periods of prayer tedious, they relish the opportunity to communicate with the divine. They wake up looking forward to their prayer time, fully aware that their prayers could lead to real, tangible changes.

Versatility Intercessors are versatile in their prayer subjects. They are comfortable praying for people who are suffering, but their skills are not limited to times of crisis. They also pray during times of joy and celebration, believing that every moment is an appropriate moment for divine intervention.

Spiritual Insight Intercessors often combine their core gift of intercession with other spiritual gifts such as healing and knowledge. This combination allows them to have more strategic and targeted prayers. They often receive divine revelation, which makes them sensitive to what’s happening behind the scenes in any given situation.

The Role of Prophetic Ministries Interestingly, many prophetic ministries also have a knack for intercessory prayer. They find themselves naturally inclined to intercede for those who are sick or troubled. This fusion of gifts amplifies their effectiveness, allowing them to serve as powerful agents of change.

Balancing the Gift: The Need for Grounding

Daily Rituals While the gift is powerful, it’s also essential for intercessors to stay grounded. This grounding can be achieved through daily practices like reading the Scripture, participating in community fellowship, and maintaining a consistent prayer routine.

Risks and Vulnerabilities Being too open spiritually without these grounding practices can expose intercessors to negative influences, including temptation from Satan. Therefore, daily rituals serve as a protective shield, ensuring that the gift is exercised responsibly.

Nurturing the Gift

Self-awareness If you suspect you have the intercessor spiritual gift, the first step is to recognize it within yourself. Awareness is the cornerstone upon which you can build a practice that nurtures this ability.

Community Support The gift of intercession is most effective when exercised within a community. Find like-minded individuals or spiritual mentors who can guide you, offer advice, and pray with you.

Continuous Learning Intercessors should be willing to learn more about the Bible and the nature of spiritual gifts to enrich their understanding and practice. Seminars, workshops, and books on the subject can provide valuable insights.

The Broader Impact of Intercession

Impact on the Individual The gift of intercession not only affects the people for whom prayers are being offered but also enriches the lives of intercessors themselves. A deep sense of spiritual fulfilment and connection with God often accompanies this practice. Intercessors often report a heightened sense of peace, clarity, and purpose as a direct result of their prayers.

Impact on the Community When deployed effectively, the gift of intercession can serve as a binding force within a community. This practice can foster unity, bring about healing, and lead to profound transformations. Schools, workplaces, and religious organizations often benefit indirectly from the efforts of intercessors within their circles.


The intercessor spiritual gift is a powerful but rare ability that allows individuals to stand in the gap, bringing the divine into the daily. With their persistent focus, versatile approach, and spiritual insight, intercessors can effect real change in the world around them. Yet, it’s essential for those with this gift to remain grounded through daily spiritual practices. By nurturing this gift responsibly, intercessors can continue to serve as a beacon of divine compassion and wisdom in an increasingly complex world.

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