The Ecstasy of Spiritual Endowments: A Journey through Smith Wigglesworth’s Teachings

Smith Wigglesworth, a profoundly influential British evangelist, who graced the years between 1859 and 1947, etched an indelible imprint on Christianity by exalting prayer and healing as potent tools for the proliferation of the Christian faith. Through his tutelage, many were introduced to the divine presence of Jesus Christ, underwent baptism by the Holy Spirit, bore witness to miraculous recoveries even after the brink of death, or beheld resurrections of the deceased. Though his treatise on spiritual endowments may initially seem labyrinthine, its sagacity is destined to resonate. This exposition seeks to unravel salient facets of spiritual endowments from Wigglesworth’s doctrines, endeavoring to render them more accessible, thus allowing you to glean from this reservoir of wisdom.

The Essence of Spiritual Gifts

Smith Wigglesworth delineates spiritual gifts as unparalleled faculties bequeathed by the Holy Spirit to adherents of Jesus Christ. These faculties are to be wielded exclusively in the service of the ecclesiastical community and for the glorification of God. These endowments encompass the realms of healing, glossolalia, and even the acumen to fathom the spirit world. Their utilization should forever eschew selfish gains and ostentatious displays.

Unveiling Scriptures with Profundity

Wigglesworth accentuates the existence of individuals endowed with the gift of profound scriptural comprehension. Such individuals possess the capability to intertwine the Word of God seamlessly with quotidian matters, thus rendering Scripture more tangible and pertinent in everyday existence.

Leadership and Strategy as Bestowments

Certain adherents exhibit the aptitude required for orchestrating and superintending ecclesiastical activities. They embody traits of laser-focused, purpose-driven, and efficacious communicators. These individuals epitomize the concept of leading from the shadows.

Discerning the Spirit Realm

Spiritual discernment emerges as an indispensable ability, empowering believers to unmask pernicious spiritual influences that might jeopardize the sanctity of the church or the spiritual well-being of individuals.

Spiritual Gifts: Emanations of Love

The Bible enumerates myriad spiritual gifts, encompassing roles such as teaching, servitude, and evangelism. Yet, love transcends them all as the paramount spiritual endowment. Love bequeaths purpose and significance to these spiritual gifts, preventing them from degenerating into self-serving acts.

Spiritual Gifts in Action: Acts of Service and Ministry

Rendering service or ministering to others stands as one avenue through which believers can employ their spiritual gifts. This encompasses a spectrum that ranges from volunteering at healthcare institutions to orchestrating community gatherings. Even gifts such as healing and prophecy can be wielded to serve the ecclesiastical community and its surrounding milieu effectively.

Perspectives on Spiritual Gifts

Among Christians, there exists a semblance of contention concerning the continued manifestation of spiritual gifts in contemporary times. Some contend that these gifts have abated, while others vehemently assert their perpetuity. Regardless of one’s stance on this matter, the responsible and reverential exercise of spiritual gifts remains non-negotiable.

Spiritual Endowment of Healing

Healing stands apart as a spiritual gift conferred by the Holy Spirit, empowering believers to implore divine intervention for the recuperation of the infirm. Healing, in its uniqueness, holds a distinctive function within the global ecclesiastical landscape.

Divergent Opinions on the Gift of Healing

Disagreements persist regarding the allocation of the gift of healing. Some advocate for its restriction to specific adherents, while others posit that it has the potential to enrich the lives of all believers.

The Spiritual Gift of Prophecy

Prophecy entails the communication of divine truths to others, occasionally involving foreknowledge of future events. It has long been acknowledged as an integral constituent of ecclesiastical ministry. Prophecy serves as an indispensable means of enhancing congregational comprehension of the Scriptures.

The Imperative of Prudent Safeguards

The exercise of prophecies mandates the exercise of prudence to avert the dissemination of misleading guidance. Balancing ministerial responsibilities with the demands of daily life is equally crucial.

Spiritual Gifts of Glossolalia and Interpretation

The capacity for glossolalia and its interpretation features among the roster of spiritual gifts. Though frequently misconstrued, these aptitudes are chiefly intended for personal supplication or for the transmission of divine messages in diverse tongues.

Cognition and Sagacity in Verbose Form

These endowments empower individuals to acquire knowledge that eludes conventional channels, rendering them invaluable for biblical pedagogy.


Smith Wigglesworth’s teachings on spiritual endowments endow Christians with profound insights into the efficacious deployment of their divinely conferred talents. Be it healing, prophecy, or the discernment of spirits, each gift holds a distinctive role in the edification of God’s church and the service of humanity. Above all, these gifts must be exercised with love, humility, and a resolute commitment to serving others, thereby facilitating a fulfilling Christian existence that glorifies God and enriches our community.

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