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What is the Sacral Chakra?

Having an understanding of what is the sacral chakra and what it can do for you can be very helpful. It can help you to increase your confidence, improve your creativity,[…]

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What is the Sex Chakra? Everything about Sacral Chakra

Among the seven chakras of the Hindu Tantra system, the Svadhisthana chakra is the second primary chakra. This chakra is the one that is said to be blocked by fear of[…]

How to Open Sacral Chakra

Having a blocked sacral chakra can be very painful, but there are a few simple steps you can take to open it up. You can start by eating orange foods and[…]

How to Heal Sacral Chakra

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with sacral chakra imbalance or you’ve been looking for ways to heal it, there are several things that you can do. From using crystals to practicing yoga[…]