Neglecting Spiritual Gifts: 5 Overlooked Hazards


Every Christian born-again receives spiritual gifts upon being saved, such as FAITH, HEALING, TEACHING, ORDINATION, PROPHECY, SERVING, AND WISDOM. These gifts are bestowed upon believers as instruments of blessing, growth, and transformation within the Church and the broader community.

You lose your self-confidence

Spiritual gifts should be put to use and enjoyed; otherwise, you could find yourself lacking fulfilment and feeling left behind. God gave you spiritual gifts designed to bring you joy and make a difference; using yours could open doors of opportunity that align with your passions and strengths if only used. But if left unused, those opportunities might slip by you without ever being taken advantage of. Reigniting your passion for your giftings can be done by discovering how they are best used. Start by listing what matters most in life and then consider how your spiritual abilities could contribute to helping those areas thrive.

You lose your self-confidence

Unrealized spiritual gifts may lie dormant within us and cause self-doubt and lack of confidence, as well as fear of failure and rejection. If this happens to you, take steps now to reawaken them! Mercy is given to certain church members to help those suffering or experiencing hardships. They can “weep with those who weep,” providing comforting companionship until God lifts their burdens from their shoulders.

You miss out on a chance to make a difference

The Bible describes spiritual gifts as strengths and weaknesses that enable Christians to serve in their religious community. Spiritual gifts bring people together, foster growth, and strengthen overall spiritual communities – but can become sources of pride if used incorrectly or even toxic. People gifted in evangelism can offer the gospel in ways that connect with various audiences, identifying specific needs of people and then coming up with creative solutions to meet those needs. This makes them invaluable assets in missions and ministry to unreached groups.

You regret not putting your gifts into use

After time has passed, you might regret that your spiritual gifts weren’t put to use sooner. Utilizing them could open the doors to an amazing life journey that allows you to make an impactful statement while experiencing deeper levels of fulfilment and meaning in life. At the same time, it’s essential to remember that God gave you spiritual gifts not just so you could boast about them, but so they could serve Him and other people through your gifting. If you aren’t using your spiritual gifts it may be due to being too busy. Unfortunately, this could prevent you from honouring Him through worship and prayer services, becoming a disciple through studying scripture and serving others within the church through your spiritual gifts.

You lose your inner fire

Spiritual gifts should always be used for the good of others. According to Scripture, God gives each of us spiritual gifts “for common good” (1 Corinthians 12:7); so when you don’t use your talents you are not only missing an opportunity to make an impactful difference, but you are denying others from discovering joy through their God-given talents. Neglecting your spiritual gifts can further damage your self-confidence, as many include qualities like empathy and communication that help build bridges between people.


The risks associated with not utilizing your spiritual gifts are significant and encompass various aspects of your life and faith journey. From missing out on the fulfilment and joy that come with using your talents to losing self-confidence and the chance to make a difference in the lives of others, neglecting your spiritual gifts can have far-reaching consequences. Remember that these gifts were given to you for a reason—to serve both God and others. By discovering, nurturing, and putting your spiritual gifts to work, you can contribute positively to your spiritual community and find deeper meaning in your faith journey.


Q1: How can I discover my spiritual gifts?

A: Exploring your passions, seeking guidance from mentors, and prayerful reflection can help you uncover your unique spiritual giftings.

Q2: Can spiritual gifts change over time?

A: While the essence of your gifts remains constant, their manifestation and impact can evolve as you grow in your faith journey.

Q3: What if I’m afraid of failure or rejection when using my gifts?

A: Embrace a growth mindset and remember that your gifts are meant to be shared. Start small and gradually build your confidence.

Q4: Can I use my spiritual gifts outside of the church context?

A: Absolutely! Can I use my spiritual gifts outside of the church context

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