How to Open Third Eye Chakra | Step by Step Process

Having a clear third eye chakra will enhance your spiritual development and help you achieve all of your goals. There are a number of things you can do to enhance your third eye chakra. This includes practicing yoga and meditation. You can also use color to help you. These colors include Indigo, Lavender, and DMT.

open third eye chakra

Yoga poses

Practicing yoga poses to open your third eye chakra will help you to clear your mind. It also helps you to connect with your inner self. You can also use visualization to open your emotions. The following yoga poses can help you do this.

Standing Head-to-Knee Pose – This yoga posture stimulates the third eye chakra. It strengthens the lateral and upper back muscles, and increases flexibility. It is also good for improving posture.

Child’s Pose – This pose is a great way to re-connect with your breath. It can also help you to develop focus. You can hold the pose for up to two minutes.


Using essential oils to open the third eye can help you to focus on what is important to you. It is also known to help reduce anxiety and depression.

The third eye chakra is where you can find inspiration, intuition and inner vision. It is also where you can develop psychic abilities. It is important to balance this chakra. A balanced third eye chakra can lead to wisdom and a calm mind.

Essential oils can help to open the third eye chakra by promoting clarity, peace of mind and greater focus. You can also meditate to help bring your chakra into balance.

If you are looking to open your third eye chakra, lavender essential oil can help to calm and balance your mind. You can use lavender oil as a massage oil, add a few drops to your bathwater or diffuse it with the help of a vaporizer.


Psychedelic drug DMT is dubbed the “spirit molecule” in the realm of spiritual travel. DMT is a chemical that is biosynthesized by the pineal gland, the third eye of the brain. It also plays an important role in the regulation of waking and sleeping cycles.

DMT’s effects on the human body have been studied by over 60 studies. Researchers are still learning about its effects and role in the brain. DMT’s endogenous concentrations are not sufficient to produce psychedelic effects. However, it may contribute to neurorestorative processes.

For example, a recent study found that DMT has a small but notable role in modulating the survival of microglia-like cells.

Grounding exercise

Practicing a grounding exercise to open the third eye chakra can be helpful for physical wellness, calming the mind and releasing unwanted energy. It’s also an excellent way to enhance your meditative practice.

Grounding exercises can include everything from physical exercise to touching a tree. Whether you’re outside or in a room, this exercise will strengthen your chakras and improve your breathing patterns.

The best way to perform a grounding exercise to open the third eyes chakra is to be present. This can be achieved by engaging in an active meditation practice or maintaining a routine.

The third eye is associated with the element of “Light”. Visualize it as an indigo or blue orb spinning in a clockwise fashion.

Indigo color

Using the right color for the third eye chakra can open your eyes and give you new insight. This chakra is responsible for our perception, critical thinking, and imagination. With this color, you can gain more understanding of circumstances and create greater peace.

Indigo is associated with intuition, integrity, and a sense of dignity. These qualities help you connect with your spiritual side and make decisions that are right for you. The color also stimulates clairvoyance and visionary states.

When your third eye chakra is blocked, you may find yourself in situations that are confusing, painful, and even sad. It is important to be comfortable and confident in yourself, and not be afraid to be yourself.


Several cultures emphasize the importance of the third eye. This chakra is considered to be the seat of inner wisdom and insight. Some people believe that it is the gateway to spiritual communication.

The third eye is a complex energy center. It helps us to distinguish truth from illusion. It is also the place where we develop a sense of purpose. A balanced third eye chakra allows us to be more self-aware and intuitive. It can also lead to greater perception.

Meditation is one of the best ways to open your third eye. During meditation, you should focus on your spiritual center. You can also use a guided session.


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