Five Ways That You Know You Have Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are divine endowments that connect individuals to the spiritual realm, granting them unique abilities to serve others and strengthen the Church. If you’ve ever wondered whether you possess these extraordinary gifts, there are clear signs that may indicate their presence in your life. In this article, we’ll explore five ways to recognize that you have spiritual gifts.

1. Strong Sense of Purpose

Spiritual gifts bestow upon individuals an overwhelming sense of purpose. Those who possess these gifts often feel that they are here to contribute something meaningful to society. Whether it involves healing, inspiring, communicating with spirits, experiencing prophetic visions, heightened awareness, or even the ability to influence physical reality through energy manipulation, spiritual gifts infuse everyday life with profound significance.

Signs to Look For: Deep affinity for nature and animals, attraction to spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, hypnosis, or energy healing.

2. Drawn to Nature

Nature acts as a powerful magnet for those with spiritual gifts. If you frequently find yourself drawn to natural settings, such as the ocean shoreline or the canopy of trees, it could be a sign of your spiritual gifts. Connecting with the energies of nature can ground you, bring peace, and foster a sense of unity with the world around you, even in the midst of life’s chaos.

Signs to Look For: Regularly visiting natural environments, experiencing tranquillity in nature, and feeling a profound connection with animals.

3. Sensing Negative Energies

Spiritually gifted individuals often possess the ability to sense negative energies that elude the awareness of others. This heightened perception allows them to detect when something feels amiss, whether it’s the negative vibes of an individual or the lingering impact of past traumas. It is vital for those with this gift to safeguard themselves against absorbing these negative energies.

Signs to Look For: Sensing negative emotions or disturbances, feeling drained in the presence of negativity, practising energy protection techniques.

4. Spiritual Visions and Dreams

The gift of prophecy involves the direct communication of divine messages, revelations, and guidance from God. Those with this gift act as messengers, sharing God’s wisdom with both believers and non-believers. While this gift is powerful, it should always be exercised with caution, aligned with scriptural guidance, and confirmed through discernment.

Signs to Look For: Urgent desire to share messages from God, receiving vivid spiritual visions or prophetic dreams.

5. Predicting Weather Patterns

An intriguing hallmark of spiritual ability is the capacity to predict weather patterns. If you possess the intuitive knack for anticipating changes in weather conditions, such as rainfall or shifts in climate, it may be an indicator of your spiritual gifts. These insights can be particularly useful when seasons or weather changes are imminent.

Signs to Look For: Feeling physical sensations or intuitive cues related to approaching weather changes, accurate weather predictions based on intuition.


Spiritual gifts are unique and powerful endowments that enable individuals to connect with the spiritual realm and serve a greater purpose. If you identify with one or more of these signs, it’s possible that you possess spiritual gifts. Embrace these gifts with humility, use them for the greater good, and seek guidance to help you navigate your spiritual journey. By doing so, you can unlock your full spiritual potential and make a positive impact on both your life and the lives of those around you.

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