Discovering and Harnessing Spiritual Gifts for Youth


The process of understanding one’s spiritual gifts, especially in the formative years, is vital and transformative. Our youth, filled with energy and vigour, are at the perfect age to discern and cultivate these special gifts.

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

In the Christian tradition, the Holy Spirit empowers select followers with specific spiritual abilities meant to serve the church and its believers. These aren’t just ordinary talents; they are divine gifts bestowed upon individuals to fulfil a sacred purpose. According to scripture, spiritual gifts are tools given by God to aid in the growth of faith among believers and foster deeper relationships with Jesus Christ. These talents form the very backbone of the church, allowing it to operate as a unified body. As each member plays their role, the church thrives, much like how different organs ensure the human body functions optimally. For instance, administrators in the church, endowed with the gift of leadership, excel in organizing various church events and activities. They are goal-driven and prefer having clear objectives. On the other hand, those with the gift of encouragement play a pivotal role in supporting fellow believers in their spiritual journey, always ready to offer words of inspiration or gentle correction as needed. Some are blessed with an unwavering faith, remaining steadfast in their trust in God, even when faced with life’s storms. Others are gifted in interpreting messages spoken in tongues, bridging the gap between different linguistic communities within the church. Yet, another important gift is the gift of hospitality, crucial for outreach programs and connecting with those unfamiliar with Jesus.

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

While these gifts are an invaluable asset to the church, recognizing them can sometimes be a challenge. This is where the Spiritual Gifts Test for Youth comes into play. It’s an interactive tool designed to help the youth identify their most dominant spiritual gifts. Taking the test is straightforward. Respondents fill in their answers to each statement, and upon completion, they receive a detailed analysis in the form of a bar graph. This graph highlights their scores for each spiritual gift, pointing out the most dominant ones, complete with Biblical references. Should time constraints arise, users have the option to revisit and complete the test later. Designed to be user-friendly, this tool is hoped to guide individuals in discerning their unique spiritual gifts.

How to Utilize Your Spiritual Gifts

Recognizing your spiritual gifts is just the first step. The next, and perhaps more significant step, is to put these gifts into practice.

Seek Opportunities Within Your Church Community:

Engage with church leaders or mentors to find avenues where you can contribute. This could range from participating in worship teams to assisting in organizing church events.

Engage in Continuous Learning:

Spiritual growth is an ongoing journey. Seek guidance from spiritual advisors or elders to nurture and develop your gifts further. The path may be challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Avoid Self-Serving Motives:

It’s easy to mistake these gifts as a means to serve one’s interests. However, they are intended to serve others and glorify God. Embracing this perspective makes it easier to harness these talents effectively.

Stay Connected to the Source:

Remember, these gifts stem from God. Regularly pray, seeking guidance on how best to employ them in service to the Lord and His church.

Putting Your Spiritual Gifts into Action:

Utilizing your spiritual gifts isn’t limited to church settings. Many opportunities outside the church walls allow for these talents to shine. Engaging in community services, tutoring, or even assisting in local events can be avenues to employ these gifts. Remember, spiritual gifts differ from natural talents. While talents like music or art are invaluable, spiritual gifts have a divine purpose, specifically aligned with God’s mission. Hence, always remain grounded in scripture and prayer, continuously seeking God’s guidance on harnessing these gifts effectively.


The Spiritual Gifts Test for Youth is more than just a questionnaire. It’s a compass, guiding young believers towards understanding and embracing their divine purpose. As you embark on this journey of discovery and growth, always remember that each spiritual gift, no matter how significant or small, plays a vital role in God’s grand design.

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