Posts from December 5, 2022

Are Chakras Real? Chakra 101

Whether or not chakras are real is a controversial subject. Most people believe that chakras exist, but there is little hard evidence to support this. This article will discuss the difference[…]

How to open the Third Eye Chakra?

Among the six primary chakras in the human body, Ajna is known as the third eye chakra. It is associated with the subconscious mind and is linked to Brahman. Balasana Often[…]

How to Heal Sacral Chakra

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with sacral chakra imbalance or you’ve been looking for ways to heal it, there are several things that you can do. From using crystals to practicing yoga[…]

Understand What and How of Earth Chakras

Generally speaking, the Earth Chakras are divided into three major categories: Crown, Sacral and Root. Each of these chakras is considered a focal point for energy and has its own unique[…]